Massive Explosion on an Indonesian Tanker Caught on Camera

Indonesian tanker explosion

A massive explosion occurred at the Barokah Perkasa yard in the Mahakam River at Samarinda on Thursday (11/2/2021) afternoon. The incident was captured on phone’s camera by shipyard workers.

The video has been widely circulated on many Whatsapp groups. The huge explosion can be clearly seen in the video, followed by soaring flames. The explosion was said to be triggered by the fire on a LPG tanker that was undergoing repairs at the shipyard. Indonesian authorities commented that the situation is under control, but the cause of fire is yet to be known.

The explosion occurred many times and was heard up to a radius of 500 meters. As per the Indonesian media, the terrible incident took place onboard a LPG carrier Grace V, a 32-year old vessel, but as per the visuals in the video the blast occurred on a small bunker tanker berthed behind the said vessel. The investigation in the matter is still going on.


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