Live Stream- Suez Canal: The Stuck Mega Container MV Ever Given is Afloat and Moving

ever given
MV Ever Given Underway to Great Bitter Lake

Finally the 6-day blockage of Suez canal has come to an end as the giant 400 meter long, 59 meter wide container ship is afloat and the ship is no longer grounded. The MV Ever Given is now underway to the Great Bitter Lake for further technical inspections of the ship.

The Maritime Post first reported few hours back that the MV Ever Given can be fully afloat in the next 4 hours, and now the news is confirmed.

Maneuvers were resumed once more during the high tide at 11:30 a.m.; as the tide level reached 2 meters, hence the full restoration of the vessel’s direction was successfully achieved.

Here is the live stream of the MV EVER GIVEN underway to the Great Bitter Lake:

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