35 Somali Pirates Surrender: INS Kolkata's Strategic Triumph 2600km from Indian Coast

35 Somali Pirates Surrender: INS Kolkata’s Strategic Triumph 2600km from Indian Coast

35 Somali Pirates Surrender: INS Kolkata's Strategic Triumph 2600km from Indian Coast

A masterful 40-hour operation led by INS Kolkata against Somali pirates results in the safe rescue of 17 crew members, showcasing the Indian Navy’s unmatched precision and readiness.


In a remarkable demonstration of precision and tactical acumen, the Indian Navy’s INS Kolkata successfully orchestrated a high-seas operation that culminated in the surrender of 35 pirates and the safe rescue of 17 crew members. The operation, carried out over the last 40 hours and concluding on the evening of March 16, 2024, was executed without a single injury, showcasing the navy’s commitment to protecting lives and ensuring safety on international waters.


The dramatic encounter took place nearly 1400 nautical miles (approximately 2600 kilometers) away from the Indian Coast, where the INS Kolkata, with support from INSSubhadra, High Altitude Long Endurance (HALE) Remotely Piloted Aircraft, P8I maritime patrol aircraft, and MARCOS (Marine Commandos) PRAHAR teams air-dropped by C-17 aircraft, intercepted the pirate vessel Ruen. The coordinated efforts of the naval units and aerial support forced the pirate ship to halt, leading to the eventual surrender of the pirates onboard.

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The operation highlighted the Indian Navy’s strategic depth and operational readiness in dealing with piracy, a persistent threat in certain international waters. The intercepted vessel was thoroughly sanitized for the presence of illegal arms, ammunition, and contraband, ensuring that no threats remained onboard.

This successful operation not only underscores the Indian Navy’s capability to project power and enforce maritime security at great distances from its shores but also signifies its role in maintaining safe and secure sea lanes for international trade. The navy’s adept handling of the situation without casualties is a testament to its operational excellence and adherence to the highest standards of maritime conduct.

As the global community continues to grapple with piracy, the Indian Navy’s proactive stance and effective counter-piracy measures serve as a robust deterrent against such illegal activities at sea. The INS Kolkata’s operation is a clear message to potential aggressors that the Indian Navy remains vigilant and capable of safeguarding maritime interests and ensuring the safety of life at sea.

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