Huge Explosion Erupts on Containership at Jebel Ali Port, Sending Shockwaves through Dubai

dubai port explosion

A fire broke out on a container ship in Dubai’s Jebel Ali port following an explosion. Authorities say the fire has been doused to a level where it is under control now.

The cause of the blast remains unknown and no casualties have been reported yet. Residents reported seeing there doors and windows trembling from the shockwave.

The container that caught fire was onboard a ship at the Jebel Ali port. At the time of explosion, the vessel was preparing to dock with 14 crew on board. Firefighters tackled the blaze on the containership as 3 of 130 containers on the ship held flammable materials.

The Jebel Ali port authority said that it was taking all the necessary measures to ensure the normal movement of ships in the port continues without any disruption.


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