Watch: Carnival Vista Saves 12 in Dramatic Sea Rescue Off Dominican Republic

Watch: Carnival Vista Saves 12 in Dramatic Sea Rescue Off Dominican Republic

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In a remarkable act of maritime heroism, the Carnival Cruise Line’s ship, Carnival Vista, played a critical role in rescuing six crewmembers from a distressed cargo ship near the Dominican Republic. The incident, which unfolded on December 13, also saw the involvement of the US Coast Guard, which later rescued an additional six crewmembers.

Emergency Response in the Caribbean Waters

The rescue operation began when an emergency alert was received by the Carnival Vista, a massive cruise liner with a gross tonnage of 133,500 and a capacity to host around 4,000 passengers. The ship was en route to Amber Cove on the Dominican Republic’s north coast, having departed from Port Canaveral, Florida, on December 10 for a six-day cruise. Responding to the alert, Captain Paolo Severini immediately redirected the cruise ship, in coordination with Carnival’s Fleet Operations Center in Miami and the local Coast Guard.

Dramatic Rescue at Sea

Upon reaching the alert’s location, about 30 miles north of Puerto Plata, the officers on the Carnival Vista spotted a life raft. In a swift response, the cruise ship halted and successfully recovered the raft, rescuing six crewmembers of the small cargo ship. After learning of six more missing crewmembers, the Dominican Republic Navy was alerted.

US Coast Guard’s Vital Role

The search for the remaining crewmembers escalated with the involvement of the U.S. Coast Guard. An MH-60 Jayhawk helicopter from Coast Guard Operation Turks and Caicos was dispatched to the reported location of the sunken vessel, identified as the Two Brothers. Despite challenging weather conditions, the Coast Guard aircrew conducted extensive search patterns and located the six missing crewmembers clinging to debris.

Skillful Rescue and Safe Return

Lt. Cmdr. Jeb Slick, the mission’s copilot, praised the crew’s dedication and training, which were crucial under the less-than-ideal weather conditions. The rescue swimmer deployed by the aircrew successfully hoisted all survivors onto the helicopter, who were then transferred to emergency medical services in Puerto Plata.

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The Carnival Vista, having played its part in the rescue, was released to continue its scheduled journey, arriving at Amber Cove as planned. The 12 survivors are reportedly in good condition in the Dominican Republic, marking a successful end to what could have been a maritime tragedy. This incident highlights the importance of quick response and coordinated efforts in maritime emergencies and stands as a testament to the solidarity and readiness of those who traverse our world’s oceans.

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