Car Carrier Owned By Israeli Firm Allegedly Attacked By Iranian Missile Off UAE Coast

car carrier israel iran

Bahamas flagged Car carrier Hyperion Ray, owned by an Israeli firm was attacked in Arabian sea off Fujairah UAE.

The attack came a day after Iran vowed to avenge the explosion at its Natanz nuclear facility, which it blamed on Israel. It also comes after two strikes against Israeli-owned vessels in the region and reports of dozens of earlier strikes carried out by Israel against Iran in locations ranging from the Mediterranean Sea to the Persian Gulf.

MV Hyperion Ray is associated with the Israeli Ray Shipping company, the same company that owns the vessel MV Helios Ray that was hit by an alleged Iranian attack in February.

At the time of attack MV Hyperion Ray was under way near Fujairah anchorage. The ship arrived at Fujairah anchorage at night on April 12 from Kuwait, and moved to anchorage outer limit early in the morning April 13.

Israel’s top-rated television news quoted unnamed Israeli officials as blaming Iran for an assault on an Israeli-owned ship off the UAE coast and said there were no casualties. The channel said a missile had hit the ship.

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