Thousands of angry Dutch locals are planning to pelt Jeff Bezos’ superyacht with eggs

Thousands of angry Dutch locals are planning to pelt Jeff Bezos' superyacht with eggs

We civilians use the bridges for so many purposes, we use the water bodies too and we pay our shares in the form of taxes. But if I say would a civilian dare to get a bridge dismantle for having to transport its personal yacht? The answer would be a “NO”. 

You cannot convince government to change or locate a public property for your personal affairs. But guess who got it done, Amazon founder, Jeff Bezos!

Do we even need any further proof regarding how the rich can control almost anything and everything in the world. It is the power that they hold over everyone.

Jeff Bezos has an upcoming mega yacht , Y721 of a length 127 m, having three masts and several decks. For it to be transported, the historic Koningshaven Bridge (often called De Hef) has to be dismantled. It should not come as a shock anymore that Rotterdam, a Dutch city has already accepted to temporarily dismantle it. but thousands of angry Dutch locals are planning to pelt Jeff Bezos’ superyacht with eggs.


As Rotterdam residents took to social media to express their disappointment with the city’s decision, Pablo Strormann, 40, created a Facebook event inviting people to egg the superyacht.

Mr Strormann admitted to Dutch news outlet BN DeStem that his protest is “not too serious”, but almost 4,000 people have already said they will attend. Another 13,600 people have indicated they are “interested” in the event.


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This yacht is going be the world’s largest sailing yacht which is believed to cost approximately $500 million.

If you can build a yacht that costly, getting a bridge dismantled is not that difficult, if you think.  It doesn’t even seem wrong now to dismantle a bridge for a yacht worth that much, eh? 

In the case if the city didn’t approve of this dismantling, the yacht had to be transported in different parts and eventually be constructed fully at some other place. This only seems fair and almost any other project would be executed in this very manner. But not this one! Jeff Bezos was able to convince the authorities to knock down the already established edifice for his yacht. 

It rather seems unfair, no? But can we even question the integrity of what is fair and what is not in this world anymore? It’s the rich who holds the power. With money comes the position and with the position comes the privilege. The rules which are strictly maintained for every person suddenly mold for one. Why? Because he can afford to mold those rules according to his wishes and no one can dare stop him. That’s how the world works today! So you better get rich or else suffer at the hands of rich. Choice is yours! 

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