PHOTOS: The old ship-carrying ship transformed into a billionaire’s yacht

PHOTOS: The old ship-carrying ship transformed into a billionaire’s yacht

PHOTOS: The old ship-carrying ship transformed into a billionaire’s yacht

Some ships carry men, some ships carry cargos, some ships even carry other ships, and then there is a ship which carried out to become a billionaire’s plaything.

The eyes of a luxury ship designer, Timor Bozca fell over a ship-carrying ship. He observed it as an opportunity to transform this old Japanese transport vessel into a billionaire’s yacht. It took him almost three years to completely re-engineer the ship into a yacht. This transfigured model has recently come out of the Turkish Karmarine Shipyard.

Super Servant 3, the aging Japanese transportation ship was built in 1982 by a commercial shipbuilder company, Oshima Shipbuilding.

When it no longer served as a transportation ship, it became a remodeling project for the designer. It underwent a three-year-long renovation which included the installation of a swimming pool, a jacuzzi, a tennis court, an outdoor cinema, four aquariums, and many other things according to the billionaire’s choice. It also has a 40-ton crane and a vertical wind turbine attached to it.

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Its spacious deck is transformed into a garage to harbor ‘different gadgets, crafts and toys’. Bozca says “it can fit everything from a 150 ft sailing yacht to small tenders, buggies, amphibious vehicles, and even a seaplane.”

This remodeled yacht is named OK and still retains some original structures of the old transport ship. It means that the yacht can still be submerged into the sea so that the ships or some other crafts can sail over.

OK is a motor yacht of length 146 meters, which can accommodate around 20 people, and has a special owner’s cabin with a panoramic 360-degree view of the ocean to provide a much more majestic experience.

OK is currently not for sale, so its cost is still a secret for the world just like the name of its owner. 


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