TORM purchases three 2015-built scrubber-fitted LR2 vessels

TORM has today entered into an agreement to purchase the three 2015-built scrubber-fitted and fuel-efficient LR2 vessels Nissos Schinoussa, Nissos Heraclea, and Nissos Therassia from Okeanis Eco Tankers Corp. for a total consideration of USD 120.8m. The vessels are expected to be delivered during the remainder of the second quarter and the third quarter of 2021.

“TORM has obtained a commitment for the financing of two of the vessels from Danish Ship Finance for USD 60.0m subject to finalization of the documentation. The third vessel is expected to be financed through a sale and leaseback agreement with a Chinese financial institution for proceeds of USD 32.2m. In this connection, TORM expects to enter into two additional sale and leaseback agreements providing USD 24m in net liquidity. TORM has agreed on the key terms for the three sale and leaseback agreements.”- Press Release

After the end the quarter, TORM has also sold the MR vessel TORM Carina. Net of debt repayment, the sale will generate USD 6m in liquidity. The vessel is expected to be delivered to the new owner during the second quarter of 2021.

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