Mega Containership Blocking the Suez Canal Sparks Hilarious Meme Fest

suez canal meme fest

The 400 meters long, 59 meters wide Panamanian-flagged mega container ship Ever Given continues blocking the Suez canal as the efforts to free the giant ship has failed so far.

This blockage has disrupted one of the world’s most important shipping routes. At least 150 other vessels, carrying billions of dollars’ worth of goods are unable to pass through in the meantime.


Internet users were quick to point out the humour behind small tugboats and excavators trying to push and pull the Ever Given free of the canal’s banks.

Here are some of the funniest memes shared by twitter users from around the world:

One user wrote- 2 guys and a bulldozer on site to dislodge a ship stuck in the Suez Canal while sharing a picture of the EVER GIVEN along with a excavator trying to free the giant ship.

The multi-platform media and entertainment company Mashable also didn’t shy away from sharing a hilarious meme, it wrote- “We are all the tiny backhoe, and life is the ship.”

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