A Ukrainian sailor partially sinks a luxury yacht of a Russian owner

A Ukrainian sailor partially sinks a luxury yacht of a Russian owner

Recently, a Ukrainian sailor was arrested by a civil guard in Mallorca for damaging a luxury yacht. The Gaurd reported in the newspaper that he captured the 55-year old sailor in the act of defiance at noon on Saturday.
The sailor reportedly opened the ship’s valves causing it to sink partially. He first opened the engine room’s valve and then the one where the crew lives and allegedly asked three other crew members, also Ukrainians, to abandon the ship. He then also shut off the fuel valves and switched off the electricity on the yacht.

He intended to sink Lady Anastasia, a 48-meter-long (457-feet-long) superyacht whose owner is Alexander Mijeev.
Alexander Mijeev is a Russian tycoon and a former head of Rosoboronexport company, which manufactures helicopters for the Russian Army.

The detainee said, “The owner of this ship is a criminal who makes his living selling weapons, and now they kill Ukrainians.”
He stated in his trial that the owner of the yacht was involved in manufacturing explosives and weapons, which aided Russia in killing the Ukrainians during the war.
It was an act of revenge, which the detainee sought from his so-called boss. He recounted how he had suffered due to him and when he heard about the missile attack on Ukraine, he immediately assumed that Mikheev was somehow responsible for it.

It made him go to the extent of trying to sink Mijeev’s 7 million euros worth of yacht. However, he only meant to cause material harm, and there was nothing personal that he wished to seek.

The sailor was charged immediately but later got released by the judge.

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