BW Group Conducts Crew Change Using Chartered Flights

BW Group crew change
Image by: BW LNG

The crew change using chartered flights is gaining momentum with each passing day. After companies like Synergy, Wilhelmsen, V.Groups and Anglo-Eastern, now one of the elite Maritime companies, BW Gas, has joined the group of companies who are using chartered flights to conduct crew change.

BW LNG announced the joining of Indian seafarers onboard a newly-built ship.

The company, in its official post on social media wrote:

“On Sunday, 24 BW seafarers were able to fly out of India to join our newbuilding BW Pavilion Aranthera in Korea. Over 200,000 seafarers have been affected by travel bans as a result of the pandemic. Many, unable to return home, have worked beyond their original tours of duty.

This chartered flight was a critical step towards establishing a crew change corridor for India to facilitate long-awaited crew changes. Hopefully government approvals will be granted to arrange more flights and repatriate seafarers in the coming weeks.

Shoutout to our fantastic crew for keeping the propellers turning and LNG moving – helping the world continue to run during lockdown!

Pictured below waving their hands are the BW crew joining BW Pavilion Aranthera.

BW Group crew change
Image by: BW LNG


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