Video: Giant Ore Carrier Stellar Banner Scuttled

The giant ship, Stellar Banner, a 2016-built, 300,000 DWT, Marshall Islands-flagged Very Large Ore Carrier (VLOC) owned by South Korean, Polaris Shipping which ran aground off Brazil coast on Feb 25, 2020 after departing from Vale’s terminal in Ponta da Madeira, Brazil was successfully refloated earlier this month after the removal of approximately 145,000 metric tons of iron ore from the vessel’s cargo holds and 3,900 cu m of oil.

After undergoing various structural inspections with the assistance of divers and remotely operated submarine vehicles, it was assessed that vessel will not be able to continue any further and hence a decision was made to sink (scuttle) the vessel in deeper waters with any remaining iron ore on board.

The 300,000 DWT VLOC was scuttled on Friday (June 12) approximately 150km (81NM) from Maranhão.

A video of the Scuttling of Stellar Banner:

20-crew members of the Stellar Banner were successfully rescued in February when the ship ran aground. Reportedly, the vessel’s Captain intentionally grounded the vessel about 54 miles (100 km) off the coast of São Luís to save it from possible capsizing.

The salvage operation was led by the Dutch salvage firm Ardent Global with assistance from SMIT Salvage and the Brazilian Navy.


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