Pirate Attack on Stolt Apal Off Yemen Coast

Pirate Attack on Stolt Apal Off Yemen Coast

Stolt Apal
Image: Marine Traffic

As per Dryad Global, the Stolt tankers have confirmed that its vessel the Stolt Apal was attacked by pirates 75 nautical miles off Yemen’s coast on Sunday.

Location of Incident
Image: Dryad Global

Maritime Security firm, Dryad Global Tweeted “that a U.K. flagged product tanker Stolt Apal attacked in the GoA IRTC westbound transit corridor at position 13′ 43″N 050’37.4″E. Unconfirmed report of an RPG launched against the vessel.”

Reports also suggests that there was an exchange of fire between the embarked security team onboard the Stolt Apal and the skiff.

As per Arabnews, “After multiple warning shots were fired by the armed guard team aboard Apal, the skiffs opened fire on the ship. The armed guard team returned fire, disabling one skiff and ending the pursuit,” Stolt Tankers said.

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“The bridge area sustained minor damage from bullets but there were no injuries, no pollution and no cargo impacted on Stolt Apal. A coalition warship responded and Apal has resumed her voyage.”

Maritime security firm Dryad Global said “Whilst the nature of the attack remains unclear this is the 9th reported incident within the Gulf of Aden within 2020.”

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