Massive traffic jam is piling up at Panama Canal!  Over 100 ships are stuck due to a climate change driven drought.

Canal depends on artificial lakes to lift ships through locks. Low rainfall has reduced water levels.

To conserve water, draft restrictions placed on ships. Limits cargo capacity. Ships now waiting up to 11 days vs 3-5 days.

Bottlenecks already diverting some ships to longer routes around South America. Will increase costs.

$270B cargo passes through canal each year. Provides vital Atlantic-Pacific shortcut. Jam causes supply chain turmoil.

Panama canal authorities are  attempting short-term solutions like enhanced water storage. But long-term ideas are needed.

Climate change worsening dry season. Canal faces adaptation challenges to maintain operations as extreme weather increases.

Global trade chokepoints like Suez Canal also climate vulnerable. Panama jam shows unpreparedness for accelerating climate impacts.

Ships continue piling up, waiting for transit as Panama optimizes bookings. But crisis shows climate threat to transportation.

Panama Canal jam demonstrates how climate change already affecting global economics. Infrastructure adaptations needed to maintain trade.