White uniform will always cross your mind if you imagine a seafarer.  Have you ever wondered why all the navies around the world have white uniforms?  Here are 10 Reasons 

First Color Ever To Be Worn

Cotton was the most used material for making clothes in the olden days, which was white. The Navy being the oldest global profession, got associated with white uniforms.

White Keeps You Cool

The white color reflects sunlight & keeps the person wearing it cool. A seafarer spends a lot of time on deck/ER; hence white clothes are most suitable.

Symbolic Importance

White is viewed as a symbol of integrity, purity & harmony. Therefore, the Navy connotes its adherence to the most elevated moral standards by taking on white.

The Integration of 7 oceans

White color is not in the color spectrum; the Seven colors integrate to give white color; hence white uniform indicates the integration of seven oceans.

White Indicates Hygiene

On ships, good health & hygiene are vital. Spots & stains can be noticed easily on white uniforms, reminding the seafarer to maintain hygiene at all times.


The maritime industry is very tradition-oriented & wearing white uniforms on ships has been going on since time immemorial; hence almost all navies follow it as a custom.

White is Easily Identifiable

White is easily recognizable as white reflects most of the light that falls on it. White increases one’s chances of being rescued at sea or even underwater.

White Looks Great

White color represents poise and class & that is why it is extensively used in formal wear worldwide. Similarly white uniforms bring respect & look great on seafarers


In ancient times White clothes used to be bleached cotton or wool, saving the cost of dying, that’s why plain white clothes were far cheaper than the colored clothes

Represents Naval Standards

White color goes well with the discipline & standards of the Navy. White precisely addresses the ethos of naval force without exaggerating its own goals.