Can the US Navy send its iconic aircraft carriers in the black sea to maintain peace in the region? Is it possible? Let’s find out!

The United States Navy is restricted from sending aircraft carriers into the Black Sea due to the Montreux Convention.

The Montreux Convention is an international agreement that gives Turkey control over the water route between the Black Sea and the Mediterranean Sea.

The convention regulates the passage of civilian vessels and military warships through the Dardanelles and Bosporus straits, which connect the Black Sea and Mediterranean Sea.

The convention allows Turkey to close the straits to warships of belligerent parties in wartime or when Turkey itself is threatened by another nation.

Turkey can also deny the straits’ access to merchant ships belonging to countries at war with Turkey.

Only nine warships are allowed to pass through the straits at any one time, and there are limits on the size of the ships.

The United States’ aircraft carriers are anyway too large to pass through the straits under Turkish rules.

Black Sea countries must give Turkey eight days' notice before sending vessels of war through the straits, while other countries must give 15 days' notice.

This means that except aircraft carriers, the US can send other warships which fits the size requirements as per the Turkish rules, but will need to give a 15 days notice to Turkey

Now Turkey is in a difficult position as Turkey is a NATO member and wants to strengthen its ties with the West while not upsetting Russia.