Indian Navy Evacuates Injured Crew from Hijacked Ship MV Ruen

Indian Navy Evacuates Injured Crew from Hijacked Ship MV Ruen

hijacked ship mv ruen injured crew
Image Credit: Indian Navy

In a dramatic rescue operation, the Indian Navy played a pivotal role in the evacuation of an injured crew from the hijacked ship MV Ruen, a Malta-flagged cargo ship. The operation, carried out in the early hours of Monday, saw the successful transfer of the sailor to Oman for urgent medical treatment.

Swift Response to Maritime Emergency

Upon receiving a distress call, the Indian Navy immediately dispatched a warship, which had been on anti-piracy patrol in the Gulf of Aden, to assist the hijacked MV Ruen. The vessel had sent an alert on Saturday after being illegally boarded by six individuals identified as pirates in the Arabian Sea.

Medical Evacuation Amidst Hijacking Crisis

The Navy’s statement elaborated on the medical management provided to the injured crew member aboard the Indian naval ship. Given the severity of the injuries and the need for advanced medical care, the decision was made to transfer the crew member to Oman. The Navy’s intervention ensured that the sailor received the necessary medical attention promptly.

Ongoing Monitoring of Hijacked Vessel

While the evacuation was underway, the Indian Navy continued to closely monitor the situation. Their aircraft conducted overflights above MV Ruen, providing crucial surveillance as the vessel proceeded towards the Somali coast. This action represents a significant effort by the Indian Navy to maintain maritime security and assist vessels in distress.

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A Testament to Maritime Collaboration

This rescue operation highlights the Indian Navy’s capability and readiness to respond to maritime emergencies in international waters. The successful evacuation underscores the importance of naval presence in crucial maritime regions like the Arabian Sea and the Gulf of Aden, particularly in light of the ongoing threat of piracy. As MV Ruen heads towards Somalia, the incident remains a stark reminder of the challenges faced by commercial shipping in these waters.

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