World’s Largest ‘American Nuclear Submarine’ Enters the Mediterranean Sea

uss rhode island

The United States has sent the world’s largest underwater nuclear missile submarine, USS Rhode, to European waters, sending a stern message to Russia; here is all you need to know about it!

The USS Rhode Island also goes by the name “horsemen of the nuclear apocalypse” as it can carry 150-200 nuclear warheads.

The massive submarine can carry 24 Trident II ballistic missiles. The maximum range of these missiles is 18,000 km and their flight speed is 29,000 km/h.

Military experts believe sending the USS Rhode Island should influence Russia and force it to abandon possible plans for a nuclear strike on Ukraine.

USS Rhode Island is supposed to head over to a strategic position in the Black sea in response to the Russian nuclear submarine Generalissimus Suvorov testing a ballistic missile.

See this article as a story – World’s Largest ‘American Nuclear Submarine’ Enters the Mediterranean Sea

The Italian newspaper la Repubblica labeled the appearance of USS Rhode Island in the European region “a message to Putin”.

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