World's Largest 'American Nuclear Submarine' Enters the Mediterranean Sea

World’s Largest ‘American Nuclear Submarine’ Enters the Mediterranean Sea

uss rhode island

The United States has sent the world’s largest underwater nuclear missile submarine, USS Rhode, to European waters, sending a stern message to Russia; here is all you need to know about it!

The USS Rhode Island also goes by the name “horsemen of the nuclear apocalypse” as it can carry 150-200 nuclear warheads.

The massive submarine can carry 24 Trident II ballistic missiles. The maximum range of these missiles is 18,000 km and their flight speed is 29,000 km/h.

Military experts believe sending the USS Rhode Island should influence Russia and force it to abandon possible plans for a nuclear strike on Ukraine.

USS Rhode Island is supposed to head over to a strategic position in the Black sea in response to the Russian nuclear submarine Generalissimus Suvorov testing a ballistic missile.

See this article as a story – World’s Largest ‘American Nuclear Submarine’ Enters the Mediterranean Sea

The Italian newspaper la Repubblica labeled the appearance of USS Rhode Island in the European region “a message to Putin”.

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