Russia fired on two Foreign Ships close to the Black sea port- Ukraine’s Ministry

Russia fired on two Foreign Ships close to the Black sea port- Ukraine's Ministry

Russia fired on two foreign ships of Pivdennyi on Friday, Ukraine’s infrastructure ministry reported.
One of them was the Namura Queen, under Panama’s flag heading to the port of South. A missile hit its stern at 12:55, breaking out a fire on the vessel, disabling a part. The tugboat ‘P&O STAR’ came to the rescue and took the situation under control.

The second ship is the Millennial Spirit under Moldova’s flag. According to the commander-in-chief of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, two missiles hit the bunker at 12:10, 12 km from the port of the Southern Ship. One struck the superstructure and the other the minesweeper. The ship had 600 tons of diesel and fuel oil on board. Fortunately, the vessel didn’t explode, avoiding a substantial environmental disaster.

Nevertheless, the crew dived in the water and called for aid. Tugs Breeze-1, PK-888, KPL-99 and Victory were sent for the rescue. Two of the crew members, including the captain, are in severe conditions. Rest are safe.
Ukraine has reported closing all its seaports due to war with Russia following the incident.

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