Ammunition found on board in a Greek Cargo Ship in Senegall

Ammunition found on board in a Greek Cargo Ship in Senegall


Last updated on January 24th, 2022 at 07:14 pm

A Greek cargo ship faced detention on the discovery of ammunition in three containers found onboard in Senegal. The crew members are being questioned in Dakar on this unexpected discovery.
Held on 27 December in Dakar, this 1400-dwt Eolika had 11 deficiencies and the ammunition was found “during the subsequent inspection”, as stated through domestic reports. As per an agency, it was searched when it stopped for refueling.

Upon inspection, “dangerous goods and harmful substances in packed forms” were found which eventually led to the detention.
There were also other issues pertaining to the faulty auxiliary engine and non-payment of wages that further ground for detention.
As per the declarations of Liberation Daily, the ammunition found is worth $5.2m and four Ukrainian crew members are taken into custody for further investigation on this matter.
The Greek manager declared that Eolika had been also detained four times prior to this incident. It had always had numerous deficiencies which would make for multiple inspections in the past too.

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