4000KM- Long Saharan dust cloud across the Atlantic ocean captured through satellite

The European Union’s earth observation satellite, Copernicus captured the massive Saharan dust storm swirling over the Atlantic Ocean. This 4000km (2500miles) long dust plume stretches from the coast of Mauritania in western Africa and could reach up to Ireland nearly 5000 miles away, as the forecasters predicted.

The US government agency National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) keeps a check on the movements of such Saharan dust over the Atlantic. It is a natural phenomenon that is observed almost every year which is caused by the Saharan Air Layer over the desert. This causes many respiratory issues as the fine dust particles hover in the air but it has been proven a boon for the plants. NOAA states, that the dust storm adds minerals such as phosphorous to the soil which improves soil fertility. Dust storms can also suppress tropical storms during the hurricane season.

Although, the scientists state that there would be lesser storms in the future due to climate change. NASA scientists observe this phenomenon using satellite data and computer modelling. 

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