Suez Canal: Two tankers ran aground, Refloated within hours

Suez Canal: Two tankers ran aground, Refloated within hours

tankers aground suez canal

Two ballast tankers ran aground in the Suez Canal on 6 April during morning hours. Both have now been reported to have been refloated.

“As per information received, a 107,505 DWT ballast oil tanker ship with a draft of 8 metres ran aground at 132.5 km of the Suez Canal at 09:10 hours local time. The vessel was No.16 in northbound convoy which was made up of a total of 22 vessels. The 15 vessels in front of the grounded ship were not affected, but the remaining six were detained. The 105,000 DWT ballast tanker behind her also went aground, at 130 km in the Canal,” said GAC Egypt in a statement.

Based on AIS tracking, the ships in question are likely to be Italy-flagged Rumford and Greek-flagged Minerva Nike. Data from Marine Traffic shows that Rumford remains stopped in the canal, while Minerva Nike is underway using the engine.

The Suez Canal Authority has confirmed that Rumford was faced with a sudden engine failure while crossing the canal in the southern convoy.

Suez Canal Authority (SCA) tugs were engaged immediately.


As per available information, both ballast tankers have been refloated and resumed their Canal transit, along with all other vessels, without any further disruption due to this minor incident. The Canal is now reported to be totally clear.

Recently one of the most serious blockages of the suez canal was caused by the mega containership Ever Given, which was wedged sideways in the waterway for six days.

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