VIDEO: Why Seafarers Matter to the World and Crew Change is Important

VIDEO: Why Seafarers Matter to the World and Crew Change is Important

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COVID-19 has hit the world really hard. It has forced people to be locked in their homes.

While the world is saluting and realising the importance and contribution of the healthcare workers and other front-line workers. The world has totally forgotten about one profession which is right on the front-line, keeping the movement of all necessary items alive even in this pandemic situation.THE SEAFARERS Yes, the ships are still out there at sea and seafarers are the ones who are running these ships.

There are thousands of seafarers who have already completed their contracts ranging between 6 – 9 months and still they can’t go back to their homes with their families.

Seafarers are a largely unseen workforce of more than 1.2 million members that works 12-16 hours shifts each day on ships to ensure the movement of about 85% of the global trade.Every month, about 100 Thousand seafarers need to sign on and off the ships to keep the vessels moving.Travel restrictions amid coronavirus pandemic are preventing seafarers from disembarking and their replacements from boarding.

The results of these restrictions are painful for the Seafarers.
As ships visits different countries, seafarers on ships are at heightened risk of transmission and mental illness as the port workers board the ship for loading and unloading of the cargo.

The world needs to understand the importance of the seafarers and the governments should implement the required procedures to ascertain safe crew changes and they need to do it fast because if the ships stop moving, half the world will be deprived of the essential commodities.

Watch this heart touching video created by a Youtuber JhayAy Vispo

  1. Funnily enough after some 37 years at sea from Deck Boy to Master I know something about this problem and can only feel for the guys onboard ship trying to get back home to family and friends. Everybody talk about the ‘seafarr’ but spare a thought for his wife and children and the things they are going through – plenty of worry all round there. But when the time comes they will go back to sea for many reasons – not least that of knowing without them the world will come to a grinding halt – and spare a thought also for the many Missions around the world of different Nationalities and Religions who are try to help them.

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