USS Zumwalt (DDG-1000) is a guided missile destroyer of the United States Navy. Here are 10 amazing facts about her! 

All Images - US Navy

The Name

Zumwalt is named after Elmo Russell Zumwalt Jr., who was an American naval officer and the youngest man to serve as the Chief of Naval Operations.


There are 3 destroyers in Zumwalt class Other 2 destroyers- USS Michael Monsoor & USS Lyndon B Johnson Total cost of 3 ships- $22.4 billion Cost of Zumwalt alone- $4.4 billion

Size & Speed

Length - 610 Feet Beam - 80.7 Feet Displacement - 15610 (Long) Tons Speed - Can reach up to 30 Knots

Advanced Gun Systems

Each Zumwalt class destroyer has 2 Advanced Gun Systems capable of firing Long-Range Land Attack Projectiles that reach up to an unbelievable 63 Nautical Miles


She can carry either 2 full-size MH-60R helicopters or 1 MH-60R & 2 Vertical Take Off and Landing Tactical Unmanned Aerial Vehicle together.

Stealth Ship

The composite superstructure significantly reduces cross section & acoustic output making the ship harder to detect by enemies. 

Ship Stability

The wave-piercing tumblehome ship design means its sides slope inward above the waterline, so it cuts easily through waves, making it more stable than other ships.

Crew & Accommodation

It has a much smaller crew than other destroyers, she has a crew of only 147 so there’s more space for crew & that’s why every crew has a separate state room. 

Ship’s Power

The Zumwalt produces about 78 megawatts of power, similar to the energy generated by a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier & this is enough to power a small city.

A Failed Ship Concept?

As per the Military Expert Sebastian Roblin, The Zumwalts lack vital features like anti-ship missiles, anti-submarine torpedoes, & long-range area-air defense missiles.