If you have been planning a solo, couple or a family cruise, Here are 10 reasons why you should choose the Disney Cruise Line.

Not only for Kids

Adults will also love Disney cruises because there are:

Many adult-only spaces

Designated Kids spaces

Adult-only shows like cabarets, comedians & more

Awesome & Free Room Service 

While most cruise lines charge extra for room service, or limit it to expensive cabins, Disney cruise line includes this for all category cabins.

Dine Like a Royal 

Dining experience on a Disney cruise is unique. Passengers rotate through 3 themed restaurants. Other than this Adult-only dining options are also available.

Disney’s Private Island

The Castaway cay is Disney’s 1000-acre private island in The Bahamas. It has places to snorkel, a family & an adult-only beach with breath-taking views.

Fireworks at sea 

Disney cruises were the first ones to offer firework displays at sea. On select itineraries fireworks are displayed during Pirate Night where everyone dresses like a buccaneer.

Accommodations For Family

Compared to other cruise lines, Disney’s accommodations are spacious. All the cabins have good storage space & divided bathrooms with separate sinks.

The Ultimate Disney Experience 

Meet, play, & dine with Disney characters. Also, there are tons of immersive disney shows, something you can’t experience on any other cruise line.

Crew is Kids-Friendly 

Want to spend some alone time with your partner? Drop off your kids at the kids club under the supervision of childcare pros & enjoy your moments!

All-Inclusive Packages 

Disney Cruises offer all-inclusive packages which covers your room, activities, & food, meaning almost everything onboard is within your limits. 

Bring out the Kid in you 

You can have a wonderful time on any good cruise, but Disney cruises brighten up the kid in you and give you a whole lot of memories to cherish forever.