Warships are a vital component of any navy, serving as mobile platforms for the projection of naval power & the defense of national interests. Here is why warships are so expensive!

The level of technology & sophistication required to build & operate a warship is a major factor contributing to its high cost.

Warships are equipped with advanced systems & technologies, including radar, sonar, communications equipment, & weapons systems.

The size & complexity of modern warships also contribute to their high cost, as they require more labor & materials to construct than smaller vessels.

The extensive testing and certification requirements for military vessels add to the cost of building & maintaining a warship

Warships are designed to withstand the rigors of combat & must be able to operate in a variety of environments & conditions.

This requires the use of specialized materials & construction techniques, which can add significantly to the overall cost of the vessel.

The maintenance & repair of a warship is a significant ongoing cost, as these vessels are complex machines with many moving parts that require regular maintenance & repairs.

Warships require specialized personnel to operate & maintain them, which adds to the overall cost of these vessels.

The high cost of building & maintaining a warship is a significant financial investment for any navy.

Despite their high cost, however, warships remain a crucial component of many modern navies, serving as key platforms for naval warfare.