Due to technological advancements & the arrival of UAVs, many believe aircraft carriers are becoming obsolete. But the truth is aircraft carriers are here to stay. Here are 10 reasons why!


Offensive Capabilities

Aircraft carriers provide a navy with the ability to carry out offensive operations on a massive scale, such as bombing raids, from the sea.


Defensive Capabilities

Aircraft carriers provide a navy with the ability to defend against air threats, such as hostile aircraft or missiles, before they can reach their intended target.


Power Projection

Aircraft carriers allow a country to project military power across vast distances, giving them a strategic advantage over their enemies.


Air Support

Aircraft carriers provide a major advantage in terms of air support. They can easily launch & recover aircraft at sea, allowing them to provide air support anywhere in the world.



Aircraft carriers can carry various types of aircraft, allowing them to carry out a wide range of missions anywhere in the world.


Maritime Trafficking Interdiction

Aircraft carriers are also used to prevent maritime trafficking. They can detect & intercept ships carrying illegal goods or weapons.


Intelligence Gathering

They can deploy reconnaissance aircraft to gather information on enemy forces & can be used to provide electronic surveillance.


Nearly Impossible To Sink

Due to their vast size, the U.S. carriers have numerous water-tight compartments, & additional armoring. So even if a weapon hits a carrier, the damage will be limited.


Unlimited Range

The latest Gerald-class & the older Nimitz-class carriers have virtually unlimited range due to the nuclear-powered propulsion.


Humanitarian Aid

Aircraft carriers can also be used for humanitarian aid operations. They can deliver aid quickly to disaster-stricken areas and provide air support to aid workers.

Aircraft carriers are a powerful symbol of national strength. From their ability to provide air support to their role in humanitarian aid, aircraft carriers are truly indispensable