Cost The aircraft carrier costs a whopping 13.3 billion dollars in total, making it the most expensive aircraft carrier in the world.

Size Total length - 333 m, Beam - 41 m at the waterline, Height  - 76 m, Flight deck - 78 m wide.

Speed TOP SPEED - 35 MPH or 56 KPH or just over 30 Knots.

Number of Aircraft she can carry As per official figures, she comes equipped with around 75+ aircraft, while some sources says that she can carry up to 90 aircraft.

Unique Propellers USS Gerald Ford is fitted with Four Propellers, and each of them weighs 30 tons. They are each 21 Ft. or 6.4 mtrs in diameter and are made up of Bronze.

USS Gerald R. Ford actually has its own shops and even offers Starbucks Coffee onboard

Operating Cost In comparison to the Nimitz-class, each Gerald Ford class ship will save about $4 billion over its 50-year service life.

A total of 200,000 gallons of paint is used to cover the entire exterior hull of the ship, enough to coat the exterior of the White House 350 times.

Powered By Nuclear Reactor The ship is outfitted with two upgraded A1B nuclear reactors.

Design of its Toilet It has gender neutral toilets, in line with the reality that US navy has about 20% female sailors.