Royal Navy Sailors Hospitalized After Improper Chemical Added to Ship's Water Supply

Royal Navy Sailors Hospitalized After Improper Chemical Added to Ship’s Water Supply

Several sailors were hospitalized after drinking contaminated water on their ship, the Royal Navy’s HMS Portland. The ship was diverted to Portsmouth Naval Base after it was discovered that an incorrect chemical was added to the ship’s water system. A Royal Navy spokesperson stated that the health and safety of the personnel is a top priority and measures are being taken to investigate the issue and protect the crew. A small number of sailors were taken to the hospital as a precautionary measure, and another ship, HMS Richmond, has been made ready to cover any contingencies.

credit: The Royal Navy/PA


Several sailors from the Royal Navy’s frigate, HMS Portland, were taken to the Queen Alexandra hospital in Portsmouth after drinking contaminated water on the ship. The situation was caused by human error, according to a Ministry of Defense source, and the individual who made the mistake immediately informed their chain of command.

Fewer than 30 personnel were affected by the contaminated water, and the incident is being investigated by scientists who have already boarded the ship. The reverse osmosis water system used by the warships had the wrong chemical added to it, but it is currently unknown what chemical caused the contamination.

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HMS Portland recently left its home port in Plymouth and was tasked with tracking a Russian warship, the Admiral Gorshkov, through the North Sea. The contamination of the water on the ship is unfortunate, but the integrity of the individual who made the mistake is being acknowledged by sources. The Type 23 frigate was refitted in 2018, and after its upgrades, including the installation of the Sea Ceptor surface-to-air missile system, it returned to the sea in March 2021.

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