Video: Can Married Couples Serve On The Same Ship in the US Navy?

can married couples serve on the same ship in the us navy

Have you ever wondered if the US Navy allow married couples to serve onboard the same ship?

Well, the straight answer to this question is that the US Navy doesn’t allow married couples to serve on the same ship.

But there is an exception and technicality using which a married couple can actually sail together on the same ship.

For obvious reasons you wouldn’t want married couples to be on the same ship but it’s technically possible to do so, especially on aircraft carriers and amphibious assault ships, that’s because married couples cannot be assigned to the same command.

But in case of aircraft capable ships like carriers, there are multiple commands, for example, a NIMITZ class carrier or a Gerald Ford class carrier has over 2500 officers and enlisted personnel who are physically assigned to the ship’s command, but another 2,500 personnel are assigned to the carrier’s air wing that is under a different command which is yet again separate from the 25 or so personnel assigned to the embarked carrier strike group, hence a married couple can sail on the same ship but under a different command.

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Even though technically one person could be assigned to the aircraft carrier while their spouse is assigned to the carrier’s air wing, in practice this is avoided by temporarily assigning one of them to another ship or shore command.

Watch this awesome short video on this topic:

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