Watch: Dramatic Rescue Operation as Ship Breaks in Half in South China Sea – 27 Feared Dead

ship breaks in south china sea

A dramatic video from the rescue operation of sailors from a sinking vessel broken into two by the powerful waves caused by Typhoon Chaba within the South China Sea was shared by Hong Kong Government Flying Service (GFS).

The video shows turbulent waves crashing against the sinking ship and the sailor being pulled up towards the helicopter.

About 27 crew onboard the industrial support ship “Fujing001” are feared to have died after the ship broke in two on Saturday. The ship sank 160 Nautical miles southwest of Hong Kong and “suffered substantial damage and broke into two pieces”. 

Authorities dispatched helicopters and planes to assist in the rescue. There were at least three persons from the 30-member crew being taken to safety as of 17:45 (10:30 a.m. GMT) Saturday.

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Video footage of the rescue showed one of the crew members being dragged towards a helicopter by a long line while the vessel was sinking beneath his feet. Rescue crews were trying to find survivors because of 10-meter (33-foot) seas and visibility of just 500 meters.

Watch the video here:


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