Titanic 2.0 - Shocking Footage Shows Cruise Ship Collision with Iceberg off Alaska

Titanic 2.0 – Shocking Footage Shows Cruise Ship Collision with Iceberg off Alaska

cruise ship collision with iceberg
Credit: Norwegian Cruise Line

A terrifying video of terrified passengers aboard the Norwegian Cruise ship captured an iceberg struck by a ship close to Alaska.

“Norwegian Sun” cruise ship was moving towards Hubbard Glacier in Alaska as part of a nine-night journey when it suddenly crashed into the “growler” iceberg on July 2, 2022.

A video posted on Twitter revealed an impressive chunk of translucent grey ice floating over the surface as the side of the ship swung. Onlookers are screaming on the other side of the screen as the vessel comes into contact with the moderately large iceberg in the centre of the ocean.

Norwegian Cruise Line has announced that it will cancel the rest of the cruise. The vessel returned to the Port of Juneau for a safety evaluation. A Coast Guard Sector Juneau Prevention Team member and contracted divers evaluated that the vessel was safe to return for repairs to Seatle, its home port.

Watch the video here:

The Norwegian Cruise Line stated that the ship was granted clearance by USCG and other maritime authorities in the local area to sail back to Seatle with a lower speed. “All guests onboard at present will be able to disembark from Seatle in the same way as was originally planned,” it added.

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No passengers were injured in the crash. However, “cosmetic” damage occurred to the boat.

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  1. its not an iceberg, its called a growler, a small (very small) ice berg. do not even think this is another Titanic, but then again, in 1912 the passengers and crew acted with rational thought, i might saw, no cowards, I am sure those in 1912 did not ride a bike with a helmet.

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