VIDEO: Ukrainian captain pleas for funds; refuses to call in Russia

VIDEO: Ukrainian captain pleas for funds; refuses to call in Russia

An emotional video appeal released by a Ukrainian cargo ship captain has been getting viral lately. He is showing concern regarding the situation of Ukraine and calls on for financial aid from the international shipping industry.
Master Oleksiy Luchyno, captain of an unnamed vessel, has recorded the message in the Indian Ocean heading to the Suez Canal. He, in the video, has also refused to call at the Russian port, his next stoppage.

Luchyno, in his youtube video, praised the army and showed distresses on the “terrible war”. He regrets not being able to help the country or his family. However, he takes pride in being a Ukrainian as 10% to 15% of the world’s officers are Ukrainian sailors.

He also commended the Ukrainian seafarers for showing their reliability, professionalism, and stability and have received letters of support from shipowners. However, holding back his tears, he added: “I think this is categorically not enough. I would even call it absolute inaction.”
Luchyno is ready to face the consequence of his decision to not stop in the Russian Port. Either the charter will change the port, or he will be removed.

He signed off by hailing: “Glory to Ukraine”.
Ukrainians are sharing this message and calling to distribute it among the shipping community.
Western sanctions have hit Russian shipping companies, escalating this conflict beyond a land war.
This weekend, Ukraine has accused the Russian navy of seizing two bulk carriers in the Sea of Azov. In addition, France has held the first Russian vessel that belonged to a sanctioned Russian company.



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