Medical shipments and food may spoil due to delayed shipments -Maersk

Medical shipments and food may spoil due to delayed shipments

Shipping company Maersk concerns over deferrals at ports and customs that are likely to ruin the perishable supplies to Russia.

Due to Western sanctions on Moscow following the Ukraine invasion, Maersk and two other shipping giants have suspended cargo shipments to and from Russia. However, the temporary suspension does not include medical and humanitarian supplies and food.

European Union and UK customs authorities examine all containers to and from Russia transiting their terminals and ports to distinguish sanctioned and restricted shipments.

The world has been battling supply chain bottlenecks caused by flooding demand for retail goods shipped through containers from the past year driven by the pandemic lockdown.

Maersk worries about successful deliveries and has said that it cannot assure anything as their client’s cargos are at risk due to the perishable nature of goods. The company also added that the indirect impact of sanctions is now putting intensive pressure on global freight and not only on Russian trade.

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