Video: Ship reportedly hit twice by Missile, crew members seriously injured

Video: Ship reportedly hit twice by Missile, crew members seriously injured

According to Maritime security firm Dryad Global, report has been received indicating that the port captain of the Odessa branch of the State Enterprise in the anchorage 355, two missiles hit the Moldovan flagged, bunker vessel, MILENIAL SPIRIT (IMO7392610) at approximately 1210 local.

The Ukrainian port authority reported the vessel had 600 tons of fuel oil and diesel on board. The vessel was reportedly hit twice, one missile hitting the superstructure, and another missile hitting the middle of the vessel. These reports appear to be corroborated by the unverified footage that has appeared online showing a fire onboard the vessel. Several vessels attended the location of the MILENIAL SPIRIT including Tugs Breeze-1, Victory, PK-888, KPL-99, SAR02.

Dryad Global confirmed that Victory and PK-888 operated in vicinity to the vessel at the time of the alleged attack. Another vessel, the SAR 02, was sent to rescue the crew. Two of the crew members are believed to have been seriously injured, including the master. The victims were taken to the port of Chernomorsk at 14:15 and were taken to a local hospital by ambulance.

Additional unconfirmed reporting has indicated that the vessel had a crew of 10 all of which are understood to have been Russian nationals.

Dryad Global advice that any vessel currently within Ukrainian Ports should seek to leave immediately if deemed safe to do so. Vessels should ensure they are broadcasting on AIS and clearly state their intentions across VHF. Any vessels challenged by Russian military vessels should comply fully with instructions.

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