Serbian Seafarer died on board "MSC Adelaide", family claims murder

Serbian Seafarer died on board “MSC Adelaide”, family claims murder

Serbian Seafarer died on board "MSC Adelaide", family claims murder
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“He was killed because he heard something he shouldn’t,” Dargan’s wife and brother claim.

The body of Dargan Panić (51) was found with a cutthroat in the engine part of the cargo ship “MSC Adelaide” in the port of Genoa on Monday morning. The family denies the writings of Italian media, which claimed that he killed himself. He also claimed that Dargan never took antidepressants and would never end his own life.


 “In 2013, my husband went on a ship for the first time. Until then, he worked in a processing plant for under 20 years. Then, he attempted to get more funding. So when he went on the ship for the first time, he

was blissful and fulfilled. He worked as a mechanic, and he valued his company; whatever he created, he said that the company made it feasible. While he worked there, I looked after and educated the children. His contract is half a year, so he was at home for about four months,” – said Dragan’s wife, Mirjana.

 “We seldom heard each other on the call, but we generally talked about exchanging jokes from YouTube. I asked him what his team was like;

in 90% of cases, everything was as it should be. Absolutely nothing pointed this. As a man, he is at odds with all achievable and all future reports.” – said George, brother of Dargan.

 As Mirjana clarifies the demise of her husband around 2.50 pm, they inform her from the agent office of the company for which Dragan worked.


“When I heard the name of the agent, I thought he was harmed. When she said that he was dead and that they suspected suicide, I was speechless. I spent 30 years with him, we have been together since the age of 18. He is the best man, father, spouse, grandfather in the world. I sensibly claim that my husband would never harm himself in his life.” – adds Dragan’s wife.

 She calls attention to the company that “they did not give any information” to the family and Dragan’s brother.


“He did not commit suicide.”

 George tells how he learned about his brother’s passing, that he learned about his brother’s death from his wife, and that it was a significant setback for him when he got to know.

 “I categorically claim that my brother did not commit suicide. The report might strike me the most because it is considered suicide because my brother is a devotee. He carried an icon, a lamp, and celebrated glory there. It would hit me the strongest because, with that report, my brother does not deserve the funeral that the Orthodox devotee deserves”, Dragan’s brother pointed out.

 He added that the entire family was under medication, that his children were crying, and their son’s children had to be removed.


Mirjana claims that Dragan had nothing to do with drug trafficking.


“I can guarantee that with my life. He is a man who worked all

his life and did everything honestly. He was a worker. Everyone asked to work with him because he was a good mechanic. We don’t deserve to be slandered.” – she said.


George also added that Dargan had zero tolerance for narcotics and noted that the whole story about Dargan’s death does not add up. 


Talking regarding how she was able to speak publicly about the death of her husband, Mirjana said through tears that she is strong in front of the camera and that she will fight for her husband.

 “He was not scared of anything. On the off chance that he detected risk, he would protect himself. My man most likely confided in individuals around him to an extreme, or everything was organized so he would be defeated outset. We believe that my husband witnessed something he was not supposed to see, heard something he was not supposed to hear, he was present somewhere he was not supposed to beHe did not show that he was scared of anything in his conversation with me.” – said Mirjana.


As Dragan’s sibling clarifies, the family reached an organization that does global transportation of the deceased. They received the information that the investigation was done and that the body was free to be claimed and papers could be prepared for taking it out of the country. However, the case is excessively cluttered, and everything happened so quickly that it was being treated as a suicide. Some Italian media claims that there are no weapons that denote suicide, and weapons are essential evidence. 


Dragan’s wife points out that she would most like her dear to get back to the world.


“I would trade my life for it. However, since I am mindful that this is impossible, I need individuals who have a valuable chance to bring him home at the earliest to help me because this has been continuing for five days, and it is gradually getting difficult. I refuse to accept that it happened. I am still waiting for him to come from the airport, to prepare the lunch he cherishes” – Mirjana concluded.


Allow us to remind you a freight container of over 400 Kgs of cocaine, worth more than 30 million euros, was removed from the ship on which Dargan’s body was found.

Italian police arrested Fabio Papu, a member of the crew, while he was shipping packages of cocaine.

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