Sailor caught with possible bomb-making materials at San Diego County Navy base

Sailor caught with possible bomb-making materials at San Diego County Navy base
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San Diego County Navy base’s operations shut as sailor caught with possible bomb-making material.


A driver was found with possible bomb-making materials at San Diego naval base. He was in a pickup truck and was identified to be a sailor.

Naval Base Coronado spokesman Kevin Dixon informed that he showed up At 9 am at the North Island Naval Air Station entrance in Coronado. He was then stopped at the request of Naval Criminal Investigative Service officials. They found suspicious explosive substances inside his truck. However, Dixon reported that the material wasn’t assembled in any form of a device. The officials then took the sailor for questioning.

Urgent precautionary measures were taken. The inbound gate on Third Street and outbound at McCain Boulevard were closed, and traffic was restricted. Buildings near the area were evacuated, and people in the farther places were instructed to shelter in place. The visitor centre, commissary, and the Exchange were also closed.


Only the First Street gate and the Ocean Boulevard gate remained open for entrance. 

Roughly after 5 hours, at 2 pm, the gates were reopened and most of the precautionary orders were lifted.

As of Tuesday afternoon, the sailor is still in custody and the Naval Criminal Investigative Service has let out no information about the case’s details or the charges

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