Chief officer onboard Turkish vessel died after falling from ladder

Chief officer onboard Turkish vessel died after falling from ladder

Chief officer onboard Turkish vessel “Ince Ege” lost his life after falling from the ladder while reading the Draft.


Yücel Ulaşkın, the 1st Officer of the Singapore-flagged İnce Aegean ship, fell into the sea while descending on a cross to measure the draft in Taman Port, near the Kerch Strait, Russia. Despite the efforts of the crew and the port authorities, Ulaşkın could not be rescued.

İnce Denizcilik, the operator of the ship, stated that Yücel Ulaşkın was taken from the rope cross to read the drafts together with a master sailor. He was conducting a draft survey while he knocked over into the sea at 2:32.

A lifebuoy was at once thrown at him. Further aid operations began when the vessel’s captain and other relevant personnel hurried to the deck.

But the 2 m waves and the winds of 17-20 knots became a major obstacle in the rescue mission. Lowering the rescue boat wasn’t possible. Even though one personnel entered the water, the operation remained futile due to the waves and winds. Immediate assistance was then requested from the port via VHF 11.

The survivor was rescued from the sea 45 mins later with the aid of coastal tugs. First aid and heart massage were immediately performed by the doctor that came from the beach, but the efforts remained futile. Yücel Ulaşkın lost his life in the process.

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As the investigation proceeds, the public will be informed in a more detailed manner. The statement made by the official Twitter account of the General Directorate of Maritime Affairs expressed concern and condolences over the incident. It stated that after the signal from the vessel near the Kerch strait, AAKKM’s meeting with MRCC NOVOROSSISK was coordinated to search for the sailor who fell overboard. Unfortunately, they found a lifeless body as the result of their rescue effort.

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