Asyad group launches a new direct shipping line from Oman to Malaysia

Asyad group launches a new direct shipping line from Oman to Malaysia
photo: Times of Oman

New direct shipping line launched to up the global logistics game.

Sultanate of Oman, whom the Asyad shipping group represents, has launched a new direct shipping line. On Sunday, an Omani-owned container vessel reached the Port of Sohar via this new line, directly linking Sohar’s port to Malaysia and Singapore ports.

The direct shipping line would prove essential to ameliorate their efficiency to utilise their logistics directly to link with many global ports. Also, it would give a tough competition to the country’s other ports. It is now an additional asset to the country’s economy that aids the Sultanate of Oman to have a solid global logistics centre and available transportation access.
With the opening of this new direct route, trade with Asian countries has been made much more accessible and frequent. The enhanced trade relations with Asia would benefit many local and regional businesses. It would provide rapid, timely and cost-effective access to the ports of Singapore and would open many doors for further international business in Asian markets.


Port of Sohar witnessed a hike of 8.7% in cargo since the new line opened. It rose from 53.97 million tons of cargo last year to 58.64 million tons in 2021. it is expected to grow further with the new link launched.

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