MSC denies the lawsuit filed in the US, calls it 'baseless'

MSC denies the lawsuit filed in the US, calls it ‘baseless’

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Last updated on January 24th, 2022 at 07:14 pm

Pennsylvania-based MCS, a furniture shipper, had filed a $600,000 lawsuit last August with the Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) against Mediterranean Shipping Co (MSC) and China’s Cosco, claiming the pair had repeatedly violated the terms of the US Shipping Act. MCS reported unjust and unreasonable exploitation of the customers by the containerline giant.

While China’s Cosco reached a private settlement with MCS, Geneva-based MSC has declined the claims made against it. “We believe that the difficulties MCS Industries experienced with its 2021 cargo bookings under its service contract with MSC arose from errors and communication issues between MCS Industries and third-party intermediaries, and not from any wrongdoing by MSC,” a spokesperson for MSC said yesterday. Furthermore, “MCS Industries has publicised and protracted what we believe to be a baseless complaint that is not a good illustration of the many genuine concerns of carriers, shippers, ports and other actors, all of which are grappling with the challenging Covid-induced market disruptions we all face,” an MSC spokesperson told Splash.

In 2021, container shipping recorded its highest ever profits while dealing with the worst schedule reliability in the history of the industry.

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