Korea Maritime Researchers Champion LPG as a Green Alternative Ship Fuel

A recent study by researchers from Korea Maritime and Ocean University reveals that Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG) could become a potentially low-cost, eco-friendly maritime fuel.
Investigating the feasibility of using LPG as a maritime fuel, a team, led by Dr. Won-Ju Lee, conducted a detailed statistical analysis of the 72,098 ships registered in South Korea.
The market competitiveness and for companies to go green, LPG could open for doors for zero-emission carbon ships. It is the lack of certification that has hindered the application. 


“There is a lack of comprehensive assessment of the economic, environmental, and safety aspects of LPG-based fuel systems worldwide. In our study, we identified ships with South Korean registrations that can be converted to LPG fuel use, and determined the reduction in fuel consumption, cost, and air pollutants from using LPG,” explains Lee.


The findings were motivating. “Unlike current shipping fuels such as heavy fuel oil, liquefied petroleum gas does not generate marine pollutants during leaks and is applicable without restrictions on the ship size.” The research is said to be a trailblazer in the industry. 


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