Video: OOCL Container Ship Allision with Gantry Cranes at Port of Kaohsiung, Two Trapped, One Injured

container cranes port kaohsiung

At around 11:30 LT on 03 June 2021, the 316-meter-long, 86,679 gross tonnage container ship OOCL DURBAN was attempting to dock at pier 66, when she contacted two gantry cranes, belonging to Yangming Shipping.

The collision caused one of four container cranes, GC8 to collapse. GC8 collapsed onto GC6, causing it also to go down. Port workers ran for their lives as two gantry cranes began to crumple to the ground. As the cranes collapsed, they hit a stack of containers, causing it also to collapse.

The accident left one person injured, and two crane operators trapped in the crane wreckage. The injured 58-year-old man, named Zhang, was treated at Yuan’s General Hospital for a cut on his forearm, and abrasions on one foot.

The trapped workers were finally extracted at 12:44 pm and are reported to be uninjured.

The Port of Kaohsiung is Taiwan’s largest port, and the 15th largest port in the world. Around three-quarters of Taiwan’s container throughput enters and exits via the Port of Kaohsiung.

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