Shocking: Egypt's first women captain blamed for blocking Suez Canal

Shocking: Egypt’s first women captain blamed for blocking Suez Canal

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If there is one blockage that Suez Canal could really show the world as a problem, it is that of fake news and sexism. In recent developments, Egypt’s first female ship captain Marwa Elselehdar, who is one of the 2 percent of women seafarers of the world, was held accountable for the Canal debacle in a fake news campaign.

A series of doctored images and fake news headlines circulated on the social media platforms claiming that she was involved in the incident.

“I was shocked. I felt I might be targeted maybe because I am a successful female in this field or because I am Egyptian, but I am not sure. The article was in English so it spread to other countries. It was affecting my reputation and efforts that I exerted to be where I am now” said 29-year-old Elselehdar as mentioned in a report by BBC.

In times wherein women have been fathoming territories unthought of before, the maritime industry still struggles to accept womenfolk being away from families for so long. Elselehdar states that it ain’t necessary to seek everyone’s approval to do what your heart desires. People need to accept differing choices.

The ship, which was stuck in the Canal on 23 March, re-floated 6 days later affecting global trade and commerce heavily.

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