APL Le Havre Collides with Fishing Boat, Leaves 3 Dead and 9 Missing

apl le havre

The APL Le Havre, a 10106 TEU Singapore flagged containership collided with the Indian fishing boat Rabah at around midnight Apr 12 in Arabian sea some 43 nm off New Mangalore.

Three persons were killed and nine people went missing as a result of the collision. Two crew members were rescued by the Indian coast guard, search for other crew members are still in progress. In response to the incident, Indian coast guard launched a swift sea-air Search and Rescue operation involving three Indian Coast Guard ships & aircraft.

A total of 14 crew members were present on the boat when the collision took place. The ship didn’t sail away after the collision, instead she turned back and assisted the fishing vessel. Presently the APL LE HAVRE is understood to be back under way after being relieved from the Search and Rescue operations.

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