Video: Nautilus Demands Maersk Stop Forced Redundancies

nautilus maersk dutch seafarers

Nautilus has demanded that AP Moller Maersk, end forced redundancies on its Dutch flagged vessels.

The union presented a petition to Maersk management urging that 24 Dutch seafarers at risk of being dismissed be offered alternative employment across the company.

The world’s largest containership owner recently sold its five remaining ships which sail under the Dutch flag. Following the sale, Maersk announced that Dutch Captains and Chief Engineers could remain in service, but that another 24 Dutch seafarers on the fleet will be made redundant.

Nautilus International deputy general secretary Marcel van den Broek said: ‘It is incomprehensible to us and our members that a profitable company like Maersk, with over 300 ships in service, would not be able to find jobs for all 24 Dutch seafarers on their fleet in addition to the Dutch Captains and Chief Engineers

‘Our members do not accept this and demand that Maersk will immediately withdraw all announced layoffs.

‘A memorandum of understanding (MOU) on job security was concluded in 2011 between Nautilus and AP Moller Maersk. We still consider this agreement to be applicable.’

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