Video: China Refuses Medical Attention To The Dying Seafarer

Video: China Refuses Medical Attention To The Dying Seafarer

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Of late, we have heard of many cases where the basic human rights of seafarers were violated. Recently, it came to light that many sailors are stranded for months as China refused to let ships unload Australian Coal.

This was not a one-off case where the seafarers were tortured. Earlier, Chinese authorities refused medical assistance to a Russian sailor. Now, a new case has emerged where China has once again denied medical attention to an ailing seafarer.

Capt. Tymur Rudov has released a video on his Youtube Channel, in which he can be seen asking the Chinese local agent over the phone that “even if the person dies, will you wait for the permission from the government to land him,” to which the agent shockingly replied “Ya, we should get the permission from the government.” 

Capt. Tymur explained in his video that he is releasing the video to attract the world’s attention towards violation of seafarers’ human rights in China. Captain Tymur revealed that ship’s Chief Engineer was vomiting blood and was in dire need of medical attention.

The captain contacted the agent seeking immediate medical attention to which he was shockingly told that there is no way to disembark the Chief Engineer until the permissions are obtained. Interestingly, the Chief Engineer (C/E) in question is a Chinese national.

The ambulance finally arrived after 12 long hours, the C/E was taken to a hospital but shockingly he was not allowed inside the hospital, the doctor came outside and gave basic first aid to the seafarer and he was returned to the vessel.

When captain requested to urgently sign off the crew member in order to enable him to get better medical attention, the agent shockingly replied that it is not yet decided whether he can disembark or not.

In the hard-hitting video, Capt. Taymur exposed the grave human rights violations the seafarers are facing all around the world, and especially in China. He emphasised on how important the seafarers are to the world, and in return how badly they are treated by the governments.

Here is the complete video by Capt. Tymur Rudov:


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