'Evergreen Marine' Container Ship Loses 36 Containers In Rough Seas

‘Evergreen Marine’ Container Ship Loses 36 Containers In Rough Seas

Ever Liberal Containers lost at sea

Taiwan shipping giant Evergreen Marine Corporation’s vessel EVER LIBERAL lost 36 containers owing to strong winds and rough seas. The incident took place off Japan’s Kyushu on Wednesday after the ship departed from Busan for Los Angeles.

The 8,452 TEU container ship encountered strong winds and rough seas 20 nautical miles south of Kyushu, Japan, causing the collapse of container stacks on the vessel, said Evergreen, in a statement.

She lost 36 ’40-foot’ containers overboard, while 28 containers, also ’40-foot’, collapsed on the deck, sustaining various degrees of damages. The shipping company said that everything possible is being done to recover the lost containers.

Evergreen said that no crew members were injured in the incident, and none of the containers contained dangerous goods.

EVER LIBERAL’s captain immediately notified the Japanese Coast Guard of the incident so that ships in the vicinity could be notified about the drifting containers.

The EVER LIBERAL was diverted to the Port of Taipei to have the damaged cargo taken care of.

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