After Loosing 750 Containers At Sea, Maersk Essen To Berth In Lazaro Cardenas

maersk essen
Image Credit: WK Webster

Having arrived at Lazaro Cardenas on the 26th January 2021, it is reported that the MAERSK ESSEN will berth at the APM Terminal on or around 30th January 2021.

After initial inspections, it is anticipated that cargo operations to discharge and/or reposition fallen and/or damaged containers and to accurately account for what has been lost overboard will take a number of weeks to complete.

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A team of surveyors from WK Webster, marine and transit claims consultancy, are in place at Lazaro Cardenas to undertake surveys as cargo operations proceed and to ascertain the status of all the containers they represent. 

Following cargo operations at Lazaro Cardenas the most likely scenario is that containers discharged ashore (or trans-loaded) will be re-loaded to the Maersk Essen for on-carriage to Los Angeles as originally intended. Due to significant port congestion at Los Angeles / Long Beach, Maersk has not ruled out transhipping to alternative vessels or possibly re-routing containers by rail. Whichever plan is ultimately adopted, it is clear that there will be significant delay to cargoes reaching their final destinations.

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