Watch: We Will Be Back- The Undying Spirit of Seafarers

As we all know that right now the seafarers all around the world are suffering due to an ongoing crew change crisis, all thanks to the deadly coronavirus.

Even in this pandemic, the seafarers have not given up. Yes, they are tensed, they are sad, their morale is down, they are over-worked, mentally and physically exhausted, still they are carrying on understanding their responsibility towards the world.

Amid this crisis and the gloomy environment all around, Capt. Jeroen van Donselaar shared a heart-warming video featuring his Nieuw Amsterdam crew with a motivating message to the seafarers and their families that “In this time of distress we all are together, we will all get through this, together, and WE WILL BE BACK!

Here is the awesome, motivating video:

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